Architecture and design projects

I have worked with restaurating and renovating of buildings the last two years. I work with buildings that range from newly built to buildings from 17th century.

I love buildings with a cultural heritage. I think buildings have a lot of history to tell us, we just have to listen and bring it out. Most people dosen't see the run down factory’, or the classic old housingbuilding from the 30’s, as historically worth much, but I love their stories and their charm!

When you work with these buildings, you hear the story they tell and you fall in love with them all. They each have their own unique story to show and tell. This is, for me, the beauty of architecture; the story.

If you are interested in hearing about the specific buildings I have been working on please send me an a-mail. I will be happy to show you and tell you more. Thank you.


Nationalparkcenter Thy
10 semester, main project.

Density & diversity

Energy zero building development
8 semester, main project.

Fyrkat Museum

Mediating history and landscape
7 semester, main project. A proposal for a new museum at the national heritage site Fyrkat near Hobro.


6 Semester, main project. A design for an office domicile on the north side of the Limfjord, Aalborg.


4 Semester, main project. An urban and architectural proposal for a new urban plan in the west side of mid town Aalborg that includes a design for a new hostel and other recreational functions.


A geometric iteration
3 Semester, main project. A design proposal for a wall lamp at the Utzon Centre, Aalborg.